A new adventure …….

Over the last few months I have had a very difficult decision to make, I shared this with the Newsletter subscribers last week and now its time to share with everyone else. Fine fabrics will be closing its doors on the bricks and mortar shop at the end of July, everything will be moving online. I have finally given up the battle and succumbed to the reality that technology is the way forward. Recently I had a couple of customers who asked if they could photograph a couple of fabrics, which I have never had an issue with, they then asked me about the properties of the fabrics and what they would be suitable for, me being me couldn’t resist to offer my advice. On leaving the shop they stood outside and discussed where to look on the internet to find it at a lower price.

During the pandemic I used all my financial resources to keep the shop going, hoping that, once we got through it all, people would flood through the doors and I would be able to get the shop back on to an even keel, sadly this has not occurred. I have had many conversations with the Landlord, who has been extremely understanding, finally last week we came to the conclusion that August would be a good time to get the shop ready for a new tenant, who I really hope finds as much happiness as I have had in this lovely space.

I am seeing this as a completely new chapter and intend to embrace it with positivity. I do hope you will be able to support the shop and this new adventure I am embarking on

Happy sewing and knitting


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