A new adventure …….

Over the last few months I have had a very difficult decision to make, I shared this with the Newsletter subscribers last week and now its time to share with everyone else. Fine fabrics will be closing its doors on the bricks and mortar shop at the end of July, everything will be moving online. I have finally given up the battle and succumbed to the reality that technology is the way forward. Recently I had a couple of customers who asked if they could photograph a couple of fabrics, which I have never had an issue with, they then asked me about the properties of the fabrics and what they would be suitable for, me being me couldn’t resist to offer my advice. On leaving the shop they stood outside and discussed where to look on the internet to find it at a lower price.

During the pandemic I used all my financial resources to keep the shop going, hoping that, once we got through it all, people would flood through the doors and I would be able to get the shop back on to an even keel, sadly this has not occurred. I have had many conversations with the Landlord, who has been extremely understanding, finally last week we came to the conclusion that August would be a good time to get the shop ready for a new tenant, who I really hope finds as much happiness as I have had in this lovely space.

I am seeing this as a completely new chapter and intend to embrace it with positivity. I do hope you will be able to support the shop and this new adventure I am embarking on

Happy sewing and knitting


Easter Treat

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

My intentions for the Easter break are to actually do some sewing, owning this shop and being surrounded by all this fabric can sometimes be tortuous, as I really do not have much time to sew, so for the first time in fourteen years, I am not opening the shop this Easter. So as a wee Easter treat I am offering 20% off everything on the website until Tuesday 19th April, orders will be processed and posted on that day, so if you are in need of a treat and do not want it to be chocolate head over to the website and use this code Easter20 .

Happy Easter everyone



Refreshing times

I do feel that normality is beginning to return to our lives. It was lovely to get back in January, to see all the beautiful faces returning to sewing class with heads full of sewing plans for the next few months, they really fill me up with inspiration. There have been a few inquiries about further sewing classes, I do intend to start a new group on Tuesdays from 10 am until 2.30pm, bring what you are making, dressmaking rather than homewares/curtains, I will help with fitting, construction and hopefully, show you new techniques. The first class will take place on Tuesday, March 1st, so there is not a lot of time to put your name down, there are only a few places left but if I do not get the full quota sadly I will not be able to offer the class. Times have changed quite a lot in the last few weeks, mainly energy costs, as you are all aware these have gone through the roof especially in business properties as we are not capped like domestic rates, therefore I am unable to offer ad-hoc classes I need to have the commitment to ensure I can cover the utility costs of keeping the room warm and well ventilated with the very expensive airflow system I recently had fitted. For these reasons, I am also reducing the opening hours of the shop during these cooler months. From Tuesday 15th of February, I will not be opening the shop until 11am on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Speaking of the cooler weather, these amazing cuddle fleeces have arrived in the shop, they are incredibly soft and snuggly, so turn the heating down a degree and wrap yourself in this fabric whether it be a sweatshirt, dressing gown, hoodie or blanket

Looking optimistically forward to bright, warmer spring days arriving sooner rather than later I saw a fabric agent this week who some amazing fabrics that have been produced in the UK, and they are beautiful, I really wish that I had the budget to buy everything they had, but sadly I had to make some very difficult choices, keep your eyes on the “new in ” section of the website as I will post them in there as soon as they land, below are a few viscose fabrics that have just arrived, suitable for shirts, cami’s, skirts, wrap or shirtwaister dresses

Please let me know if you would like to join the sewing group, otherwise I hope its not too long till I see you in the shop

Happy sewing


Shop Small Saturday

Saturday 4th of December is the last shop small day for 2021, which for retail has been a very difficult year, so if you can please try and support your local independent shops on this day. This day will also be the last Saturday of 2021 that Fine Fabrics will be open, Normal Saturday opening will recommence in January 2022, Fine Fabrics has never been a Christmas shop, the shop has been particularly quiet in the last few weeks so I have taken the decision to spend some time updating the website and concentrating on the online side of the business for a couple of weeks. If you are intending to visit the shop please call or check the website for the new opening times.

Hopefull this Christmas we will be able to celebrate with our friends and family, the last eighteen months have made us all appreciate the small things in life and what is important to us, not necessarily the material things but the memories that we share with those we love. I for one will be dressing up for the festivities even though they will be spent at home, I have had enough of jeans and sweatshirts, I am opting for dresses, skirts and jumpers

McCalls have bought out some lovely new patterns for the winter season, I have plans to make McCalls 8248 (below) in both a brocade, BE0011 which will make the skirt be quite full below the hip, teamed with a simple black cashmere jumper which will be perfect for Christmas day, then for family walks on boxing day a viscose twill crepe VC0050, teamed with boots.

For a more casual attire, I am currently making some trousers from a Merchant and Mills pattern called Eve , which I hope to team up with McCalls 8240, pictured below, which I intend to sew up in some organic french terry jersey in very bright pink, BJ0011, think we all need to be bright and cheerful, but I would also like to make it in the Autumn leaves jersey BJ0057 pictured above

I would like to Thank you all for the support that you have shown Fine Fabrics during this last year, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and a happy healthy 2022.. If anyone is interested in a sewing class taking place on a Tuesday 10.30 until 3pm please email me, starting in January 2022.

Best wishes, Happy sewing

Sandra x

Anniversary Reflections

On this day 14 years ago I picked up the keys to Fine Fabrics, I remember being like a rabbit in headlights, the whole prospect of owning the shop dawned on me that first day… what had I been thinking….My first customer has become an amazing friend and ally, fate definitely stepped in that day and helped shape the future of the shop though little did i realize it at the time.

Over the years I have met some truly wonderful people all whom have had a small effect on the shop, for instance whenever I do a fabric buy I always think of Mrs. D and Mrs. M they were sisters who frequented the shop on a regular basis, they would arrive immaculately dressed shoes, handbags and quite often gloves, all co-ordinating with their perfectly sewn outfits, they were French Belgian with immense needlework talents, they taught me about colours and fabrics, the importance of choosing the right fabric for the right project and how colour impacts on the skin tone, truly wonderful ladies. I am fortunate to have very talented customers, dearest Della who is the best tailoress in the world, I have learned so much from this incredible lady, she has so much knowledge of tailoring and is so happy to share that knowledge, she never minds me picking her brains on how to do things. Then there is wonderful Julie who has so much talent and is highly sort after in the theatrical costume industry she works in, again she is so generous with her time and expertise, thank you Julie for getting me through the lockdown. Then there are the suppliers that have enabled me to curate the fabric collection in the shop, a special thank you to Graham Smith Fabrics they are a delightful family business based in West Yorkshire, both father and son held my hand for the first few years teaching me so much about fabric compositions and dying processes.I may have to chase an order from time to time and I have been known to go and collect it, always a delight to deal with them. Lindsay, Carol, Sarah and Cheryl who all receive texts, emails and phone calls from me needing things urgently, you are all shinning stars, i really appreciate all the lengths you go to to get me samples, colour matches and fabric orders, you often go above and beyond

Finally, the biggest thanks go to all of you who over the years have supported the shop, come rain, shine, and snow many of you have battled your way to the shop..I thank you, For those of you who have faithfully ordered through the mail order service, I really wouldn’t be here without your patronage. An enormous heartfelt deep gratitude to the marvelous sewing group Ladies for your weekly devotion to class, making me smile and laugh with your wonderful one-liners, you are truly remarkable.. thank you

Tonight I will toast all of you with a glass of wine, here’s to the next year.

Keep sewing, stay safe and healthy

Sandra xx