All systems go……

Week commencing April 12th 2021 will be such an exciting wee,k not only will the doors of Fine Fabrics be opening on Tuesday 13th at 10am but also the Great British sewing Bee will be aired on our tellyboxes, like buses everything happening at once………but we are so ready for things to change, well I am. This last lockdown has been very difficult lots of issues with the shop building, once one thing went wrong a domino effect occurred. Thankfully with Spring arriving things are looking so much brighter.

I would appreciate you wearing your mask and sanitising your hands on entry to the shop, then you will be able to touch the fabrics to your hearts content. New summer fabrics have been ordered, some have already arrived and I have uploaded them onto the website, others are taking slightly longer than expected but I assure you they are worth the wait, I am keeping my fingers crossed that they may still get here in time for opening.

The fabric featured below is one of my recent purchases, such a vibrant ocean blue cotton lawn absolutely perfect for summer dresses, blouses, shirts, camisoles, beach cover ups (if only…..) this fabric just makes you smile.


The cotton pictured below would make a perfect shift dress, shirt or skirt it is crisper than the cotton lawn featured above.


The sewing classes with not recommence until after May 17th, as this is when adult education opens in line with the Government regulations. The classes will be smaller than we were able to do and will take place on a tuesday or wednesday so if you are interested in joining the daytime classes can you email me as soon as possible

A year ago our lives completely and utterly changed , we have learnt to value the smallest of things which we all took for granted, hugging a friend , being with family, even just being able to go outside . Along with all the awful and tragic events that have occurred there has been so much to celebrate and reflect upon. I do hope we all become nicer versions of ourselves and remember to thank all of those who have worked tirelessly for us , which has made it possible for us to enjoy this new freedom, by respecting the guidelines we can avoid having to go through another lockdown.

I hope to see you all very soon.


It’s a New Year

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Hope you all had a lovely, if what quiet, Christmas and New year. Now is the time to look forward and plan for brighter, warmer days when we can get together with family and friends, so lets us plan for those get togethers.

I have treated myself to a new planner and this is going to be the first dress that I will enter into it, I have had this striped linen (LN0012) Viscose in the shop for a while and I feel it would be perfect for this McCalls pattern (M7950) version C. During the November lockdown I was lucky enough to attend a zoom meeting with the Rowan team, even though I can not divulge their Spring collection just yet, I will say there are several items that would be a perfect partner to this dress.

I have spent many days in jumper and jeans, like many other people I guess, so I want to make some pretty tops for the Spring in Viscose and linens, the ones I have inserted below arrived just before Christmas and i thought McCalls pattern 7976 would be an ideal choice.

Finally as I can’t quite give up the relaxed at home look, but I wanted something with a little more sparkle, I just could not resist these two rayon knits

Top of the list is a pattern from Cosy Little World, monceau cardy or maybe a simple Linden top by Grainline studio.

Wishing you all a very Happy 2021, stay safe and sew


Sandra x

Lockdown part two

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Well here we are again, I thought it might happen but it still came as a blow. Like a lot of small independent businesses I felt that I was starting to recover from the last one , all be it very slowly and nothing will replace the income we have all lost. I had got use to the new normal of masks, sanitizer, distancing and cleaning every opportunity to make the environment safe and secure, I thank my lucky stars that all the people I know are safe and well. But this second wave I struggled, I admit to feeling sorry for myself, closing the doors for a second time really hit me hard. The roads still seem busy, many shops are still open, it seems that if you have anything remotely identified as food you can stay open.

During the first lockdown the weather was brighter and warmer but this time it’s damp and miserable, I slobbed around for the first couple of days in a very oversized sweatshirt and baggy trousers, I looked in the mirror and no wonder I felt sorry for myself, I looked a mess. So I decided to revamp my lounge wear, i am not a trackie bottom sort of person so looked for patterns that would make me feel more comfy and relaxed, but at the same time had a more stylish appearance.

One of the patterns i searched out was the Nina lee Carnaby dress, followed by the Sew over it Heather dress, I had already got the jersey in mind, for the Carnaby I am using the quilted jersey in Navy and turquoise ( BJ0017), I think I will bind the neck and lengthen the sleeves and hem. For the heather dress I am going to use a plain navy ponte (BJ0047), I have made this dress before so I know i have to widen the sleeves and deepen the armhole, I will make it a loose fit as I am also baking at the moment…probably be fine if i didn’t keep tasting the results!

I am in the process of finishing off a couple of Christmas projects, I have been making up the Advent calendar kits, they are a really quick make, you can quilt by hand or by machine if you wish. I prefer by hand in the evening, to try and stop me from snacking. I can not decide which i like best the traditional red and white or the more contemporary pastel version, both are available on the website as panels or as a kit.

I hope you all stay well and if possible enjoy this second Lockdown, which hopefully will enable us to have family with us at Christmas time.

Happy Sewing and Knitting

Sandra x

A Sale and new opening times

Starting Tuesday 1st September 2020, ending Wednesday 30th September.

Yes its Sale time, all fabrics and knitting wools, the sale doesn’t include haberdashery or linings, so if you have had your eye on something for a while then now is the time to get it.

The hours of the shop are changing in September, there are sewing classes all day Monday and Tuesday morning, so the shop will be closed at that time, the shop will open at 12.30 on a tuesday until 4pm, then the rest of the week the hours will be 10 am until 4pm wednesday through to Saturday, except for these dates 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th the shop will be closed, i do apologise if this is inconvenient you can always shop on line and arrange collection or I can drop off if you are in the Harrogate area.

Gillian Hargreaves has a couple of classes this month, “Sewing with knits” on Saturday September 5th and the “Fit to flatter dress” Saturday 19th September. On Saturday November 7th she has a “Start at the beginning” class, so if during lockdown you thought you might like to learn to sew then get yourself booked in quickly, contact Gillian at If you can sew but you need to refresh your skills on Wednesday 11th November Gillian has a “Sewing essentials” class, this is a brilliant day packed with all different techniques, methods, tips and tricks.

This is an unapologetic plea if you wish for bricks and mortar shops to survive then please support where you can, the internet is amazing and fabulous but you can not ask its advice, feel the fabric, ask how to sew a particular type of fabric, what needles to use, which thread, how to do a certain technique, how to read a pattern,check the colour against your skin tone, feel the softness of the knitting wool, meet like minded people and chat about your hobby or passion, attend classes and learn a new skill.I appreciate that there are a lot of new businesses on the internet selling fabric and knitting wools at cheaper prices, they do not have the overheads of a bricks and mortar shop and many of them would not exist if they hadn’t had little local shops to call upon for advice and attend classes when they first started there sewing or knitting journey. Please help us to survive these very difficult times.

I hope you enjoy the Sale, keep well and happy sewing


Happy Day

Today has been filled with such happiness, after 5 long months finally got the windows redressed. I am so fortunate to know the best window dresser in the world, how Angie manipulates the fabric into garments is a wonder or just simply magic. Sorry the photograph is not the best but it is very difficult with the glare from the glass. I always text Angie with the type of fabric and the colours that i want to be displayed a couple of days before her visit, she arrives with a boot full of props and creates the most amazing displays, I would like to take credit for this jaunty nautical seaside themed window, but I can’t though I hope it will entice you to pop along and visit me.

The shop is continuing to be open three days per week, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday 10.30 until 4pm, it would be good if you could make an appointment as it would prevent you from waiting outside if some one else is in the store, masks need to be worn and please sanitise your hands on entering and leaving, there is some solution just to the right as you come through the door.

During the latter part of the lockdown I lost my sewing “mojo”, there had been a little weight gain and a little loss of identity, too many days of slopping around in jeans and t-shirts. Then I had a date to open the shop and thought “what can i wear” quite a few things were a little snug , so I bit the bullet got some linen and made myself a couple of simple shift dresses. I took my time, did french seams, lined it with bremsilk and did a hand sewn blind hem, the joy of making came flooding back. So the next project was the French Dart dress by Mavern patterns, i made a toile in white linen, it only needed a couple of tweaks around the bust area. It is such a flattering cut, a really great pattern i highly recommend this dress, I want to do a colour block version next again in linen.

If the Mavern French Dart dress is my pattern of the month then i must share with you my haberdashery item, it a beech clapper one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in my sewing room. The top has a narrow pointed surface that is perfect for getting into those hard to reach areas like collars and lapels. Place the garment with the seam uppermost blast with plenty of steam, the beech wood absorbs the steam and gives a crisp finish to your collar or lapel. Use the base of the clapper to set seams, creases, pleats and flatten bulky seams, giving your garment a professional finish, simply blast plenty of steam then press firmly with the clapper, holding in place until it has cooled, use on necklines for the perfect finish

Beech wood Clapper £20.00

If you are unable to visit then please look at the website, I am happy to deliver in the Harrogate area, probably on my bike, remember to press collect when completing your order so you are not charged postage then send me an email asking me to deliver. I have changed the postal rates to second class delivery, as the Post Office did increase their prices during lockdown.

Wishing you all the best of health, stay safe, hope to see you soon, until the happy sewing

Sandra x