New Opening Times and guidelines

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The last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster, since it was announced that the retail sector can open from the 15th June, I have been trying to decide how to open.

The government guidelines inform the retailers that perspex guards must be used, spacing guides must be visible so customers know where their safe space is, browsing is not allowed, customers must not touch the items in the shop, if they do then the item needs to be quarantined for 72 hours. On reading this i thought this would be impossible to do, the shop has always been a space where you can wander around browse, feel the fabrics, drape them in front of the mirror, go home and think about the outfit you are wanting to create then come back and purchase. All this is no longer possible, so I either give up and shut up or think of ways to make it work…I have decided to do the later, so there will be quite a few changes happening.

Starting on Tuesday 30th of June the shop will open for three days a week, appointments only, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the opening times will be from 10.30 until 4.30. Each appointment will be for one hour and you will have the shop to yourself, if you require less time if you just want thread, interfacing or collecting an order, please let me know. There will be a sanitizing station at the door so if you could clean your hands on entering and leaving that would be appreciated. Touching the fabric is not allowed unless you are buying it, I will have samples cut of the fabrics so if there is one you like then i can give you a sample to feel, i will be happy to hold the fabrics up so you can see the print and the drape. If you touch the fabrics or wools then i will need to quarantine that item for 72 hours. I am also sorry to say that the toilet will not be available.

To make an appointment please message me through the website or email

The website is being continually updated, if you would like to collect your order and not pay the postage then please click the collect button in the shopping basket area, please tell me when you would like to pick up your order so you are not waiting outside the shop, if another customer is inside that could be up to an hour.

If you could keep to your appointment time that would be greatly appreciated, I want to keep the shop as safe and secure for everyone, then hopefully a more normal can be achieved.

Hope to see you in the not to distant future, stay safe, keep well and sew as it really does soothe the soul

Sandra x

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