The Battle Plan

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We are entering uncharted waters, never before have we encountered such uncertainty, should we have a stiff upper lip and carry on until we are told that the country is completely locked down, or do we all panic buy and self isolate as soon as possible, difficult decisions to be made. As far as Fine Fabrics is concerned it will stay open until such time I am told to shut down, like businesses in Italy and Spain. I have spent a very frustrating day trying to source emergency funding for such a business like mine, it was announced in the budget that there would be money made available for small, independent retail units like me, sadly all sources of financial funding do not have any information on how it is accessed. I have put a business plan together for the bank explaining how long i have been in business, what i am doing to keep the shop going during this crisis, all the questions that are reasonable and quantify an answer, then i was asked “how long do i perceive the emergency funding will be required?” I looked into my crystal ball but there was no answer forthcoming…..if i can not answer this question then i can not be considered, but if i am not totally honest in my answers then the funding can be removed, all in all a difficult day but no worse than many other small independent businesses like me.

If you are intending to visit the shop it is regularly cleaned and there is sanitizer available, but no handshakes or hugs . The web page is being updated with all the fabrics that have arrived recently. I will continue with the internet orders and mail order requests as long as the post offices remain functioning. Any orders will be gratefully received. I will spend more time with the newsletter, if you have any questions regarding your sewing projects i will more than happy to answer them either via the website contact page or email me direct,

Final thought, a big thank you to all the Nurses, Doctors and all health care workers who are working very long hours for our benefit, let us not put ourselves at risk, be sensible take care and stay safe.

Sandra x

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