Feeling grateful, 2020

Photo by Dương Nhân on Pexels.com

I have begun the new decade feeling reflective over last year, it was a very busy and a stressful time for retail in 2019, so much uncertainty with the “B” word, so many larger businesses expressing profit warnings, many big names on the high street pulling out.In Harrogate we lost over 10 big names in the last 18 months, Cath Kidston, Gap, Jamie’s Italian, Carluccios’, Miss Selfridge, H & M and East to name a few. These are worrying times especially when you are a small independent as everything to do with the business is down to you, from choosing and buying the stock on the shelves to cleaning the floors, in between there are accounts, bills, invoices, sewing classes to organise and many sleepless nights! So I look back over the last year and feel grateful that I am still in business, i am so very thankful for all the loyal customers that support me. I am aware that many things are cheaper on the internet, as the sellers often do not have the overheads of a bricks and mortar shop, not everyone understands this and that is why I appreciate every customer that walks through the door and buys something whether that be a reel of cotton or several metres of fabric, it’s so disappointing to see visitors to the shop taking photographs of fabric on their phones as research for finding it cheaper on the world wide web.

Sewing can transport you to another place, you can forget all your worries and concerns for a few hours whilst you are immersed in creating a garment or a project. The sewing classes that are held downstairs in the studio are busy, creative and a joy to have in the shop, I love listening to all the chatter and laughter which accompanies the classes, you may feel like a stranger when you first join but you soon feel that you have known everyone for ages. Dressmaking sewing classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday, please ring me if you would like more information, they are open to all abilities.

I am really looking forward to searching out more wonderful fabrics and sewing gadgets, the mission is still to increase the ecological footprint of the shop, source organic where I can and local when possible. I continue to enjoy slow sewing, I am currently making “the Coat” by the Avid Seamstress in an Oyster Wool fabric BW0015, decided to make life difficult and do Hong Kong bound seams using a satin viscose binding.

Sadly we lost one of our long standing members of the Thursday sewing group, Kay was a beautiful Lady , her battle with cancer was a long and difficult journey, she often said that sewing really helped, even-though she could never forget due to the constant pain she endured, sewing was one thing that distracted her every Thursday though the concentration did exhaust her. Kay did say that sewing soothed the soul, gave her peace and a wonderful sense of achievement, I know she tried to always avoid having any of her treatments on a Thursday. We do miss her , we were honoured to have known her and we will not forget her.

There have been many ups and downs in 2019 and there is a lot to be thankful for, this year I hope that I still make the right choices and purchase items people still want to buy, one thing that is certain your custom will always be appreciated.

Thank you all for your support, happy stitching and knitting

Sandra xx

2 thoughts on “Feeling grateful, 2020

  1. I do agree that your sewing classes are lovely place to be, lovely company and time to focus on a sewing project for a whole day, rather than until your attention is distracted elsewhere at home. Gill is an excellent tutor and the class members all pool ideas and admire each others work. Last time I was there, saw M with his fabulous white trousers and a lady in her beautiful wedding outfit she had made. very inspiring! Look forward to being with you again soon.


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