September, Bike Race

 Once again  Harrogate is hosting a world wide cycling event, it really doesn’t seem five minutes since we had the start of the Tour de France, yet it was 5 years ago. This time the UCI 2019 Road cycling world championships are gracing our little part of the world for 8 days. As much as I applaud the Council for hosting these events there is a price to pay for  little independent businesses like mine, especially those that have nothing to do with cycling or catering, so florists, wool shops, haberdashery stores, hairdressers, book shops, toy shops will all struggle in this quarter of the year as this is the month that we all have to pay our rents. 

In 2018 over 2400 shops closed on the high street, that is 19 shops a day shutting their  doors for the final time. Footfall on the high street has been decreasing year on year, we no longer have  local banks or post offices, our high streets are getting full of charity shops, vape stores, and Nail studios every town is starting to look the same and parking charges are increasing.

Harrogate still has quite a few independent shops that makes it quite unique and a great place to visit. So l have a plea to Harrogate Borough council please champion what you have, promote this town for its diversity of shopping experiences and please give us a break we have had the Tour de France, Tour de Yorkshire and now UCI world championships, can we have a rest from lycra.

Maybe the money the Council is getting from these events they can create cycle lanes so we can all use our bicycles without the fear of being knocked off  especially on routes like Leeds, Ripon, Knaresborough and Skipton roads, next time the Council resurface the roads, so that a cycling event can use them, maybe they will consider putting in cycle lanes

This event will mean that many of the routes into Harrogate will be closed depending on the day, and which races are taking place, so I have decided that for this time period I will close the shop and do on-line sales only, there will be no postage charges ,when I have posted the parcel i will send you an email so you know that it has been dispatched.

We are open on Saturday 21st of september, but from Monday 23rd of September until Monday 29th September Fine Fabrics is operating on-line only,

Wishing everyone safe and happy cycling, normal business resumes Tuesday October 1st 2019

Happy sewing


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