The Sewing Bee Effect

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Were you addicted to the BBC programme ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ like me and many others? I set myself a challenge of recreating the garments, sewn on the Tuesday evening programme, the following day in the shop. I had to recruit help from Lillian and Ruth of course. We then found ourselves sat every Tuesday at 9pm, with a cup of tea and pen and paper at hand to make notes for the next day’s challenge. Texts promptly flew between Lillian and myself – what pattern, which fabric … can we really do this?! Well we did manage it and our efforts have been on display in the shop window. It was really good fun and has created an in-depth discussion about the show, which contestants we liked and those we were not so sure about, how difficult the challenges are compared to the last series, Joe versus Claudia, favourite item, least favourite, are the patterns cut out for them before they start the challenges, did they make the right fabric choice and of course Esme’s outfit, and occasionally Patrick’s, is analysed.

So what lessons were learnt after the Sewing Bee challenges? I do not like to rush, would I previously have used a rotary cutter? No. I really do have to finish off the inside seams. Fabric choice is key – I found that I was absolutely useless at the up-cycling challenge. I admire the contestants as I really couldn’t handle the uncertainty of the challenges and definitely do not have the imagination to do the up-cycling bit. I would still be trying to work out what to do when they would be judging everyone else’s. Hats off to all the contestants and presenters, they make it a real joy to watch and the programme has done so much to bring sewing back into vogue. No longer do we whisper “I made it” if someone asks what you are wearing, now we are all proud to wear handmade clothing, thank you Great British Sewing Bee and long may you continue. I have heard that Love Productions are still open for applications, but not for long, which means that we will have another series, excellent news.

Happy sewing and knitting.

Sandra xx

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