Rejuvenation January

Happy New Year everyone. We all start the new year with a list of all the changes we are doing to make to improve ourselves throughout the coming year, quite often these lists have the counter effect, instead of improving our lives we start getting stressed trying to make the targets that we have set ourselves.

So this year I have decided that it will be a year of little changes,  little and often is the motto for me this year.

I have a  list of clothes I want to make, this is a little cheat as I started this project last year when I did the review of my wardrobe, but I am pleased with how this project is progressing, I have upped the ante a little as I am proposing not to buy ready to wear clothes this year, I will allow shoes and tights, the new challenge will be making underwear.

Next I really want to be more ethical in my choices when I purchase anything, so where possible I will buy without packaging, I am in the process of making a set of shopping bags for this purpose, they are out of calico and labelled with applique letters so i will have a bag for toiletries and cleaning products,  then a bag for vegetables so i do not get cross contamination, thus my apples and bananas will not taste of soap powder. The bags are washable thus any spills and staining are easily dealt with, I am experimenting with a paint on coating for the inside of one the bags to waterproof it in case of spillage.

Self-care is my other must this year, i always start the year poorly, last year was irksome health wise I have suffered from migraines for several years now, I have tried various remedies, not eating various food groups, keeping diaries, trying not to get stressed, yoga, no alcohol, decaffeinated products, but the migraines still prevailed. I have now been given some medication by my GP  and keeping everything crossed this seems to be having a positive effect on my headaches/migraines but a very negative effect on my waistline, elasticated waistbands are not really my thing, so back to Slimming world and up the exercise. I have not really been able to do much exercise over the last few months as I had bursitis in my hip, thankfully treatment from a physiotherapist has that all sorted, I will not be hitting the gym but a few walks, a bit of cycling and swimming should improve the flabby situation.

Meantime i will be making a couple of extra shift dresses on the looser side until things improve.

Finally, I will be implementing a few changes in the shop, so where possible I will be more ethical in the purchasing of fabrics and related products. If I can source an alternative to plastic based products I will, though they have to work.

If you attend classes and require soup or coffee from the deli which also happens to be the best in Harrogate you will be asked to use our reusable cups.

If you have any suggestions for changes that I can make I would love to hear them.

Have a fantastic 2019

Happy Sewing

Sandra xx

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