Responsible Slow Sewing

I love sewing, I find it relaxing, planning what I want to make, finding the appropriate pattern and fabric. I don’t make a lot of things and I am not a fast sewer, neither do I want to be….why would I put myself under pressure, make mistakes, get frustrated not finish and then put it in a “to do pile”. The whole process making me feel that I can’t sew because the whole thing was a disaster. I like to escape into my own little world for just a little time and concentrate on making something I really want to wear many many times. I do not batch cut, I don’t want to know about sewing shortcuts, speed sewing, cheat methods. When I make something I want to feel proud wearing it, I want my checks to match, I want my seams finished properly, I want my zip really concealed and the hems level. It has taken me a while to give myself permission to slow down, the world we live in everyone is so “busy”, it’s like a badge of honour to say how busy we all are, how many different things we are juggling and how much we can post on social media.

I find it astounding when I see people on social media pronouncing  “ this month I am going to make 6 dresses 5 tops 2 coats…. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little,  I do appreciate that a lot of these people are promoting companies, enticing us to purchase a particular pattern or fabric and I do like to see what other people are making, but are they really enjoying it???? Do we really need all these clothes???

The answer seems to be well the fabric was only £3.00 per metre so it really doesn’t matter…..this actually makes me angry, it really does matter as those garments that we have thrown together and do not fit  end up in either the charity bag or landfill.

I do think that we need to be more thoughtful and conscientious over our makes, think where the fabric we are purchasing is from and do we really need to sew at breakneck speed, in 2019 let’s  take a deep breath ,slow down and thoroughly enjoy our sewing.

If you are looking to learn new skills in the new Year we have a lot more classes planned, getting the perfect fit, large bust adjustment, perfect trousers, couture skirts and that wardrobe essential the edge to edge box jacket aka “chanel type jacket”.

Look forward to seeing you all in the New Year, thank you all for your support it is greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas

With love

Sandra xxxx

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