Reflections and rants.

The build up has begun, adverts are on the television, lists being compiled and stamps bought, but am I feeling festive? ..not really. I am a bit like the weather up, down and a bit grey, everything is so commercialised  have we forgotten that it’s the thought that counts not the amount we spend. Bah humbug…. Honestly I am not that bad but I am rather reflective over what has happened this year, the Blue Planet episode impacted on everyone but have we done anything about it except reiterate how bad plastic is, have we stopped buying it? I was in a large toy shop last week and I was stunned with the amount of toys made out of hard plastic, I asked if there was anything that wasn’t made of plastic for a four year old  girl the answer was…not really. I found a little independant store, I asked the same question and was delighted to be shown games and puzzles without plastic, not even the packaging, and the second best thing is i get to play with her rather than a toy for her to play with.

The second television programme that made an impact on me was the Stacey Dooley programme on how the fashion industry has impacted on the environment, especially the amount of water used to produce a pair of jeans, 7600 litres… its hard to comprehend isn’t it? I like a lot of people have more than one pair of jeans in my wardrobe and I do not wear them.

A little more thought into what we buy can make a little difference, put all those little differences together and it will help.

I am starting with my presents to buy list, is there anything I can realistically make using things i have already got? If not can i buy it locally.

Wrapping paper i am not artistic enough to create my own but i will make sure that what i buy is environmentally  friendly.

Then there is the shop, I have always used local suppliers, used paper packaging, recycle where I can, lightbulbs are low energy but there are other little things we can do, if you come to the shop for classes and want a coffee from the deli…why wouldn’t you it’s great coffee, we will supply you with a reusable mug, again a little thing but each week i dispose of a minimum of  10 coffee cups over the year that adds up.If you can think of other things we can do please share.

My final rant is a plea to everyone please please use your local shops in the coming year, with business rates, rent and all the other overheads that bricks and mortar shops have we can not compete with the internet, yes we are happy to help, yes we are happy for you to browse but please do not use us as a place to do your research and then find it cheaper on the internet, 27,000 small businesses were lost year if you do not use them they will disappear.

Thank you for reading

Sandra xx

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